Terms & Conditions

After choosing a program, it’s important to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions since your reservation will adhere to the stipulations provided. Completing a payment for any program or excursion through EXPLORE PERU GUIDE indicates your acceptance and commitment to follow these terms, which will apply to all tours.

General Information:

Program itineraries may vary due to weather, river conditions, or group preferences. EXPLORE PERU GUIDE isn’t accountable for the loss or damage to clients’ personal items, or any subsequent effects. Any illnesses or accidents during the tour fall outside our responsibility. Should these arise, clients will cover the related expenses. Clients are liable for borrowed equipment and must cover any loss or damage before returning to Cusco. Clients confirm their physical and mental well-being. EXPLORE PERU GUIDE won’t bear responsibility if this statement proves false.

Reservation Steps:

Before initiating any payment, reach out to us for guidance. To confirm your desired program, we need a 50% deposit per participant during booking. Be informed that this deposit isn’t refundable if the client cancels. By finalizing your payment, you engage in a binding agreement with EXPLORE PERU GUIDE, leading us to verify and acknowledge your reservation. Remember, bookings are deemed finalized only after receiving written confirmation from EXPLORE PERU GUIDE.

For the 50% advance payment, you can use WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, or other online payment platforms. Ensure you make the transaction under the name of an EXPLORE PERU GUIDE team member. Clients should bear any bank charges or transfer fees.

Payment of Final Balance:

Prices are listed in U.S. dollars. We ask you to clear your remaining balance at our office a minimum of 24 hours before your tour’s start. We currently accept cash (either in Peruvian soles or U.S. dollars) and Visa payments (subject to an 8% fee). The agreed-upon per-person cost during booking confirmation remains fixed.

Client Cancellation:

To cancel your booking, please send a written notice to EXPLORE PERU GUIDE. Be aware that the deposit is non-returnable. It’s advised to review your insurance policy as it might cover your cancellation reasons.

For cancellations more than 15 days before departure, the client loses the 50% deposit. If you cancel between 15 and 7 days before departure, and have paid 100% upfront, you’ll receive a 50% refund of the total cost. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior or partial tour cancellations won’t receive any refunds.

Alterations/Cancellations by Us:

Should unavoidable circumstances arise, like technical problems, adverse weather, strikes, governmental actions, or civil disturbances, EXPLORE PERU GUIDE will strive to suggest alternative plans or equivalent trip options. Refunds, however, are not an option. We might adjust the itinerary as needed, but we’ll make all efforts to uphold the agreed-upon services.

For major alterations, we’ll aim to notify you before your trip starts, offering similar alternative plans. Any extra costs arising from these changes will be borne by the client. It’s important to know that we can’t compensate for any other expenses the client has incurred in tour preparation, such as global flight tickets, visa expenses, vaccinations, etc.

If EXPLORE PERU GUIDE initiates the cancellation, we’ll fully refund your payment.

Acknowledging Potential Risks:

Tours organized by EXPLORE PERU GUIDE aim to immerse participants in the authentic essence of the destination. Such experiences may carry inherent risks, potentially leading to physical or emotional harm, paralysis, death, or damage to participants, their belongings, or others. By partaking in the tour, participants recognize and willingly accept these intrinsic dangers. They also confirm their awareness of their health and physical status, understanding the associated risks. In case of accidents or injuries, EXPLORE PERU GUIDE is exempted from any liability.

Tour Leadership:

On tour, the final say on safety and group welfare lies with the company’s guide or representative. Adhering to their directives is essential at all times. Participants are obligated to respect Peru’s stringent drug-related laws and regulations. Any breach of these laws or any behavior threatening group safety might lead to expulsion from the tour by the guide or company representative, without any refund entitlement.

Required Documentation:

Clients must have an up-to-date passport and should keep the original or a photocopy on hand during excursions.

Insurance for Travelers:

Securing comprehensive travel insurance is highly advised. It should encompass accident coverage, medical costs, emergency repatriation, including aerial medical evacuations. Protection against trip disruptions and baggage loss is also recommended.

Partnership with External Providers:

While EXPLORE PERU GUIDE directly offers many services in the package, we also partner with airlines, hotels, and other entities to ensure a complete travel experience. Despite our commitment to quality, these external providers operate independently. As a result, EXPLORE PERU GUIDE is not accountable for any setbacks, damages, inconveniences, or delays attributed to these third-party providers.

Claims and Complaints:

Should clients have any concerns regarding the service, it is imperative to notify the guide immediately for a timely resolution. Further grievances must be presented in writing to the company no later than 7 days post-tour.

All disputes or contentions will be settled exclusively in Cusco, Peru. The Cusco courts, under Peruvian Law, retain sole authority.

Any monetary claims against EXPLORE PERU GUIDE are capped at the disputed item’s value. Any possible accountability does not exceed the overall tour’s cost. The company categorically excludes responsibility for any indirect or consequent loss, damages, or missed profit opportunities.

We appreciate your trust in EXPLORE PERU GUIDE and hope you have a memorable journey!